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[Site Kudos]

Announcements of new site development & Kudos awarded to sites created by IMW

Under Development: - major site redevelopment - online convention development - Austin, TX - backend programming - I-Cast Development - Template based web site development


Penn's Grant Realty

Investment Marketing Forum Glenda and Stephen Mazurka

RESBOT Residential Real Estate Index


Third year in a row! Austin Business Journal cites Internet MediaWorks! in the top web designers list.

Released in 2000 Massachusetts Association of REALTORS website redevelopment including private and public sites and e-Commerce for products, services, courses and dues payment. Development of websites for all companies and individual members of this 16,000 member association.

November 2000
Site expansion for recyber.comto include database development using SQL/ColdFusion for member data services and website services for all members. Integration of site with and Development of Websites for all 5,000 members.

November 2000, A residential real estate portal. Websites for members.

September 2000
Estreet Realty - Denver, Colorado based property sales and auction site for commercial and residential real estate. Online e-offers. Sites for members.

Hill County LifeStyle Texas Hill Country Residential Developments

Grand Rapids Properties Grand Rapids, MI residential and commercial real estate.

August 2000
Cliff Gustin, CCIM, MAI Bellvue, WA commercial real estate.

Rohde Realty San Antonio, TX commercial real estate.

David C. Penix and Associates Augusta, GA commercial real estate.

April 2000
Inca Capital - Phoenix based commercial real estate investment fund.

>Coming soon in 2000

resbot - Austin, TX - Austin, TX
McKenna Co. - California
Selby Realty - FL.
Mass Assoc. of REALTORS - redevelop


November 1999. We have just become the technology partner of an undisclosed group for the purpose of developing a high-end ColdFusion based real estate sales and auction site.

IMW is happy to annouce that it has been awarded a two-year contract with the Massachusettes Association of Realtors for the development of an entirely new website consisting of public and private sites and residential and commercial property databases. MAR will be the newest addition to the COMMREX family. launches new E-business site Nov. 1, 1999. is featured in Realtor Magazine, August,1999.

Austin Real Estate Connection awarded IREDs Prime Locations - Best of Texas spot!

Real Estate Cyberspace Radio launches using Real Audio. Tune in here.

New launches in July, 1999

Tom Sivertsen, CCIM
Shaw Company, Inc.

New launches in April, 1999

Real Estate Cyberspace Radio
Developac, Inc.
Jackson Cooper, CCIM
Mark VanArk, CCIM

Second year in a row! Austin Business Journal cites Internet MediaWorks! in the top web designers list.

Newly launched Nov-Dec.:

Robin Webb, CCIM
Lee Wilson, CCIM
Steve Stephens, CCIM

Austin Business Journal cites Internet MediaWorks! in the top web designers list. launches October 15, 1998. This site delivers email services from broadcast email lists aka listservs to branded email like COM-Mail (currently being constructed for the commercial real estate industry.

The newest addition to the COMMREX family is Arizona COMMREX - the largest provider of commercial real estate property information in the State of Arizona.


Barratt American goes live with their new website April 15, 1998!

Gary Anderson, IMW's Chief Technical Director is a featured speaker for Real Estate Cyberspace Radio.

Welcome Alabama CCIM Chapter, Birmingham Association of REALTORS and Alabama COMMREX to our family of COMMREX Property Services.

InterAct! COMMREX Forums are newly on-line and available for public interaction. The highly respected commercial real estate forums provide the perfect place for data and information exchange on every topic related to real estate as well as marketing on the WWW.

Austin Leasing Connection and InterAct! Austin expands its new site to go on-line by May 1, 1998.


Real Estate Cyberspace Society
This site has been awarded IRED Top 10 award and 4 stars from PikeNet for excellent content and design.

CEO, TJ Anderson is a featured speaker and Cybermaster for RECS.

Florida COMMREX wows the commercial real estate community in Florida with this property service aimed at the commercial practitioner doing business on the Internet. This vastly successful service has more than 5,000 members. Deals are made daily from this very active site.

CCIM Site Wins Awards
The CCIM Commercial Real Estate Network, designed by IMW, has been awarded the PikeNet Top 10, IRED Top 10, LookWithin and Choice Site Award by Starting Point. (Note: this is the original site we designed and NOT the site currently online)

CCIMNet Commercial Property Network was chosen by Citizen 1 as a preferred content provider.(Note: this is the original site we designed and NOT the site currently online)

These sites designed by IMW below has been awarded IRED Top 10 award and 4 or 5 stars from PikeNet.

We welcomed the following CCIM Chapters in 1997:

Hawaii CCIM Chapter & Hawaii COMMREX

Ohio CCIM Chapter &OhioCOMMREX

Illinois CCIM Chapter
Georgia CCIM Chapter
San Antonio CCIM Chapter
North Carolina CCIM Chapter
Maryland/DC CCIM Chapter

Alabama CCIM Chapter & Alabama COMMREX

Co-Wyoming CCIM Chapter & Rocky Mt. COMMREX

Welcome to Commercial Brokers of Boulder and their private property system of RockyMtn Commrex/CBB


Builder Sites Wins Awards
All of these builders won the IRED Top 10 award during 1996.

  • Doyle Wilson Homebuilder
  • Pulte Las Vegas
  • Pulte Homes of Texas

Net Success - by O“ Reilly Books
Our CEO, TJ Anderson was one of the primary consultants on this very well received book focusing on real estate in cyberspace.

Time Magazine
Kudos from Time Magazine to the Austin Real Estate Connection for progressive use of the web for real estate.

Austin Real Estate Connection has won the coveted Top 5% of the Web award.

CCIM site wins Best of the Association websites for its interactive capabilities of online databases and forums.

April 1, 1998 - We are happy to announce the development of a new interactive website for ChainLinks Retail Advisors.

We are pleased to announce the addition of Pulte Homes of San Antonio and Pulte Homes of Houston to the Pulte Homes of Texas website.

October 1, 1998 - Welcome to the latest of the CCIM Chapters going live on the web. Central Arizona, Northern California, Middle Tennessee, SE Tennessee, North Carolina, New England, Louisiana-Mississippi, San Diego and Connecticut.